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Mission Statement

The mission of the laboratory is to discover and analyze the function of genes from economically important fungi. The information will provide new insights into cellular processes and development as well as lead to the development of novel plant protection and other fungal-based products.

About Us

The Fungal Genomics Laboratory was established at North Carolina State University (NCSU) by Dr. Ralph Dean in October 1999. The laboratory suite is located on NCSU’s Centennial Campus within the Center for Integrated Fungal Research, a multi-million dollar facility.  The principle goal of the Fungal Genomics Laboratory is to integrate and develop new resources for dissecting and understanding fungal genomes, particularly as it relates to fungal pathogenesis and the development of new fungal-based products.

A primary system studied in the Fungal Genomics Laboratory is the interaction between rice and the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae, a major threat to food security worldwide. The goal of this research effort is to perform a comprehensive molecular dissection of the mechanisms regulating early events of the host-pathogen recognition process, including the induction of a specialized infection cell, the appressorium, as well as host response genes. The laboratory has characterized several important genes previously identified through mutation and other genes central to the signal transduction pathways with support from the National Science Foundation.

More recently, following the completion of the M. oryzae genome sequence, the lab has taken on more global approaches to study this important disease. Current projects include comparative genome analyses of members of the Magnaporthaceae and other fungi, characterization of the transcriptional circuitry, interrogation of post-translational protein modifications (phosphorylation and ubiquitination), and identification and characterization of effector proteins and their targets. 

As a direct result of his research interests, Dr. Dean helped launch the Rice Blast Genome Initiative in 1998. The international consortium, with members from the United States, Europe and Asia, is pursuing genome sequencing and functional genomics of this important fungal pathogen.

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